School of Science

School of Science



Examine the effect of antibiotics on the location and function of mitochondria in human cells. Study the relationship between ACT scores and students’ collegiate success. Explore methods of purifying polluted water with algae. As a science student at BVU, you will make knowledge come to life by applying skills learned inside the classroom through vast undergraduate research opportunities.



Start a medical practice in your hometown or become a mechanical or computer engineer. Encrypt and decrypt sensitive data at the NSA. Lead a software development team at a Fortune 500 company. BVU science graduates have entered successful careers in a variety of fields and have been accepted to top-notch graduate and professional programs across the U.S. Wherever your career takes you, you will learn how to compete with the best and adapt and grow in a changing scientific landscape.



Study the health care system in Cuba. Help deliver a baby in Kenya. Learn about medical missionary work in India. As a BVU science student, you will broaden your global perspective while building a résumé full of diverse travel experiences based on your personal interests and career goals.



Spend the summer studying physics at a major research institution. Intern at the world’s largest international police organization in Washington, D.C. Work in the laboratory at the Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences in China. BVU’s School of Science will provide you with the resources and experiences you need to explore, prepare for, and enter a career that is as varied as your imagination.



The Estelle Siebens Science Center is a 70,000 square-foot building with 18 laboratories and three research areas. As a science student, you will have regular access to labs and will carry out experiments using state-of-the-art equipment owned by BVU. Because all of the labs are located in the Science Center, they are easily accessible and professors are always on hand to show you how to use them.