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Personal Authorization Number (PAN)

PAN Request
The University carefully protects your educational records(including, but not limited to, information regarding billing, financial aid, academic, and student services records). If anyone other than you (the student) wishes to access that information, they must have your PAN. If you wish to grant access to a parent or guardian or anyone else, you will need to share your PAN with them. Guard this number carefully. Use this PAN request to have your number emailed to your BVU e-mail address.

Course Listings

Course Listing Reports - Listing of classes with enrollment numbers

Book Information

Follow this link to view book information. You will need to create a bookstore account, separate from your existing BVU account. The information on this site is dependent upon faculty having submitted their book information to our bookstore. By checking too early, you run the risk of the book being changed and not being aware of that.  However, by checking too late, you run the risk of not receiving your book before the class begins. View book information.

Registering For Classes

Register for classes here. Your faculty advisor will clear you for registration during your advising session.

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Academic Catalogs - Catalogs for the current and past years
Academic Calendar for the current academic year
Course Listings - Listing of available courses by semester and year

Final Exam Schedules

Travel Courses - Interim 2018
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