Getting Involved


Getting Involved

Not everything about college should be focused on preparing for a career. A comfortable atmosphere with loads of ways to explore new interests and existing passions is equally important. Whether your thing is athletics, activism, intramurals, leadership, service, spirituality or anything in between, at BVU you'll discover something that excites you. Plus, you'll gain skills and experiences as valuable as any degree.

Student organizations reign on this campus. Three out of every four students are involved in at least one. That’s not too surprising when you look at the dozens of organizations available, ranging from Sawtooth Improv, Fuego Latin dance group, BVU Marketing Association and Student Senate, to Outdoor Adventure Club, cheerleading, kenpo karate club and African American Student Association. If you're interested in something that's not yet a club, you have the power and freedom to create it.

Complementing the throng of campus organizations are athletics and intramurals. Looking for serious competition? Be a part of a tradition of success by joining one or more division III athletic teams. You can also just kick back and have fun playing intramural kickball, whiffleball, or a number of others. Being on a championship intramural whiffleball team may not pave the way for a six-figure income, but it can ease the stress of late-night study sessions and provide your body a nice workout and a nice break for your brain.

Whichever activities you choose, getting involved at BVU will foster a sense of pride and success. Giving your time, your skills, and yourself is rewarding in a way that an "A" on a paper can never be. These are valuable experiences, experiences that enhance what you take from the classroom - experiences you will cherish for a lifetime.