Scholarship Showcase

Saturday, Jan. 31

Scholarship Showcase

Saturday, Jan. 31

Academic Achievement and Recognition

Please check the items for which you wish to compete.

You must meet two of three criteria listed below and be accepted for admission. During scholarship competition, you will complete an interview and essay, as well as participate in a group discussion. You may compete for any scholarships and programs for which you meet the qualifications.


Trustee Scholarship – 3.85 GPA, 29 ACT or Top 5% of High School Class
Full tuition scholarship

Multicultural Scholarship – Students of diverse populations who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and possess strong leadership skills.
Full tuition scholarship


Honors Program – 3.75 GPA, 28 ACT or Top 10% of High School Class
Participants are offered a $2,000 travel stipend, priority class registration and research and conference funding.

Dean's Fellowship Program – 3.5 GPA, 26 ACT or Top 10% of High School Class
Participants are offered a $2,000 travel stipend, $200 academic enrichment funds and recognition at graduation.

More opportunities

BVU's Scholarship Showcase allows incoming students to compete for additional funding for these opportunities, as well as interview for guaranteed admission into the following programs:

3+3 Law Program - 3.4 GPA, 24 ACT or Top 10% of High School Class
BVU's partnership with the University of Iowa College of Law and Creighton School of Law gives students the chance to obtain a law degree in a shorter amount of time. Learn more...

URMED Rural Medicine Program - 3.6 GPA, ACT score of 28 in all sections (minimum) and major in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry
Students interested in medicine participate in an internship at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center and three other area hospitals, and receive a $3,000 stipend. Learn more...

Athletic Training Education Program- 3.2 GPA, 22 ACT and two letters of recommendation.
Students gain hands-on experience and graduate as certified athletic trainers. Fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Learn more...

Fine and Media Arts

I am interested in auditioning for a Fine and Media Arts Award from BVU.

I cannot attend the scholarship showcase, but would like to talk with my admissions counselor about other opportunities for scholarships.