Joshua: BVU Empowers His Success

Joshua: BVU Empowers His Success

Like most college-bound students, Joshua Fortmann, a junior biology major from Cedar Rapids, wanted to earn a degree without going broke. He's glad he didn't let sticker shock rule out the options.

"Originally, I was worried about being able to afford a private school, but BVU went out of their way to make things affordable for me," Joshua says. "They showed me that the cost was not really as bad as it looked, and in fact ended up being cheaper than the state school I was looking at."

Joshua was thrilled that BVU not only allowed, but encouraged him to audition for the music scholarship he was awarded.

"At most of the other schools that I had been looking at, music scholarships are only available to music majors," he said. "BVU, however, allowed me to get a scholarship through the music program even though my major is biology and chemistry, which I thought was awesome."

Finding a way to afford college is a concern for families nationwide. As Joshua discovered, BVU's strategy to expand access and affordability includes generous scholarship and grant assistance. All BVU students who applied for financial assistance last year received some type of aid, with more than $12.7 million in BVU gifts awarded.

"Don't make assumptions just based on price and immediately think, 'I can't afford this,'" says Mike Frantz, vice president of enrollment management at BVU. "I strongly encourage people to go through the entire process for all of their top college choices, including going through the financial aid process, and then they can compare everything."