Welcome to the TLTC

Located in the Siebens Forum, adjacent to 2FIX, the Teaching and Learning with Technology Center (TLTC) is available to all BVU faculty and staff.  Its primary mission is to support the integration of effective uses of technology into the classroom.

The TLTC also provides equipment for checkout, such as video cameras and webcams, as well as support for software, such as Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and ANGEL.

The TLTC strives to:

  • Provide drop-in support and training services for faculty using technology
  • Offer a hands-on workshop curriculum on a wide range of technology integration topics and strategies
  • Encourage continuous improvement of teaching and learning at BVU
  • Value principles of instructional design and discovery-based learning that guide the integration of technology with teaching and learning
  • Collaborate with faculty to develop instructional applications and projects using information technology
  • Investigate and research new technology software and hardware that supports learning at BVU
  • Consult with faculty on specific instructional needs and help evaluate technology opportunities that enhance learning
  • Team with faculty in the development of online, hybrid and distance learning course development
  • Embrace the teaching and learning values embodied in the AAHE 7 Principles of Good Practice