The Siebens Den is a unique facility, housing the collected personal and business papers, memorabilia and archives of Dr. Harold Walter Siebens, a tremendously successful entrepreneur and businessman, and a very generous philanthropist. Dr. Siebens honored Buena Vista University, home of the respected Harold Walter Siebens School of Business, by selecting it to house the Den and to receive his collected papers in installments over the years.

Dr. Siebens provided for the establishment of the Den, a re-creation of his office, in the Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum on the campus of Buena Vista University. The facility also contains information regarding family history and genealogy, as well as special honors and awards bestowed upon Dr. Siebens. His Foundation provides for the ongoing conservation and restoration work on materials in the collection.

The University was honored to accept the gift of the Den and the accompanying responsibilities for the long-term preservation of its collections. As the collection grows, it will provide scholars with a remarkably rich basis for future primary source research. And it will always provide the means for the campus community to refresh its memories and its gratitude to the man who transformed the University and laid the foundations for its future.