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Teaching English as A Second Language (TESL) ESL Endorsement

In light of the pedagogical challenges presented in Iowa schools by the growing number of non-native speakers of English, this program is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach English as a second language in both public and private K-12 educational settings. The primary goal of the endorsement is to provide teachers with knowledge of second language acquisition, assessment procedures, skills and techniques to more effectively address the academic and social challenges presented by an increasingly diverse population of students.

Courses of study


COMM 302 Intercultural Communication
EDCO 370 Human Relations*
ENGL 331 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 332 Modern English Grammar
TESL 270 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
TESL 330 Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
TESL 407 Curriculum Development and Assessment in ESL
TESL 408 Practicum in ESL Classroom K-6 or TESL 409 Practicum in ESL Classroom 7-12
TESL 447 Professional Seminar III: ESL Student Teaching K-6* or TESL 448 Professional Seminar III: ESL Student Teaching 7-12*

The ESL endorsement is taken in addition to a student’s primary area of teacher preparation (elementary or secondary education) which already includes Human Relations in EDCO 280, EDCO 290, and EDCO 300 if taken at BVU, and includes 12 credit hours of student teaching. TESL 447 or 448 will substitute for six of those student teaching hours.

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