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How does something become all the rage...the iPad everyone must have, the Wii that outsells its more technologically powerful competitors, the next big toy that dominates the holiday season and has customers flocking to the stores at 5 a.m. just for a chance to buy one? Many goods and services become popular not just because of their quality, but because of the marketing teams who shape their images and salespeople who provide them to consumers.

Sales minors take courses in marketing, selling, and consumer behavior, as well as an internship in sales. The program is designed for non-marketing majors to develop skills they can apply to careers in business and enterprise.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor in sales: 18 credit hours

MRKT 306 Principles of Marketing
MRKT 340 Business Marketing
MRKT 355 Consumer Behavior
MRKT 414 Selling
MRKT 415 Sales Management
MRKT 496 Sales Internship

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