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When a product hits the sales floor, only a percentage of its success depends on the product itself. In our modern, multi-media world, a large portion of a product's success or failure comes from the image it projects and how potential customers learn about it. Whether an iPhone, a video game, fitness water, or new household product - its sales are largely dependent on how well customers come to know and like it. The modern marketer must intimately know the potential customer, the psychological and societal dynamics that feed their decision making, and the factors that will motivate them to a purchase.  Buena Vista University’s marketing major gives you the knowledge and insight to keep your finger on the consumer pulse and understand what it takes to plan, release, and advertise a product, functions essential to all major industries.

Employment opportunities in the marketing and advertising industry include:

Individuals interested in adult learning and looking for a marketing college in Iowa have the opportunity to complete their degree through our hybrid, online and evening classes. Enjoy the benefits of our marketing program at our Graduate & Professional Studies locations, which could include attending classes at your local community college. We are the perfect choice for adults looking for public relations schools or marketing programs in Iowa.

Courses of study

Major in Marketing: 61 credit hours

Common business core:

ACCT 205 Financial Accounting
ACCT 206 Managerial Accounting
ECON 205 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 206 Principles of Macroeconomics
FNBK 306 Managerial Finance
MATH 140 Elementary Applied Statistics
MGMT 206 Management Science
MGMT 306 Principles of Management
MGMT 315 Business Law I
MGMT 492 Business Policy and Strategy
MRKT 306 Principles of Marketing

Major courses:

MGMT 307 International Business
MRKT 340 Business Marketing
MRKT 355 Consumer Behavior
MRKT 418 Market Research
MRKT 432 Strategic Marketing
MRKT 495 Marketing Internship

2 electives from:

MRKT 350 Retailing
MRKT 353 Field Experience in Sports Marketing and Management
MRKT 354 Sports Marketing
MRKT 400 Practicum in Marketing Problems/Small Business Institute (SBI)
MRKT 407 International Marketing
MRKT 410 E-Commerce
MRKT 414 Selling
MRKT 415 Sales Management

1 course from:

ACCT 309 Cost Accounting
COMM 230 Business and Professional Communication
COMM 302 Intercultural Communication
COMM 355 Conflict Management
DIGI 230 Introduction to Integrated Communication
FNBK 322 Analysis of Financial Statements
MGMT 320 Human Resource Management

Recommended support work:

Florida interim
International interim

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