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Do you admire how skillfully creativity can be used to seek truth, depict beauty, conjure fiction, and uncover ugliness? Studying art formally can help focus and improve skills in your own creative pursuits and show you how to root them in an informed appreciation of the art of others. The courses that form the art history minor provide focused study in major figures and movements over the centuries, from the Pre-Historic through the Renaissance to the Baroque and Modern.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor in Art History : 25 credit hours

ART 301 Prehistoric and Medieval Art History
ART 302 European Renaissance to Baroque Art History
ART 303 Romanticism to Modern Art History
ART 304 Modern to Contemporary Art History
ART 497 Senior Directed Research
HIST 111 World Civilizations I and HIST 112 World Civilizations II or HIST 121 The Emergence of Western Civilization and HIST 122 The Revolutions of Western Civilizations

6 credit hours from:

HIST 125 Asian Civilizations (research paper is strongly encouraged to assist with graduate school requirements)
HIST 284 Empires: The Colonial Experience
HIST 320 History of the Middle East
HIST 349 Modern Europe
HIST 360 History of China
HIST 362 History of Japan
Note: When taking electives in the art history minor, research papers in those classes are expected to focus on the artwork of the subject culture.
For students who intend to pursue the study of art history at a graduate level: The study of at least 12 credit hours of a foreign language is highly recommended. Most graduate programs in art history include a foreign language proficiency requirement. Spanish and German are the languages taught at BVU that would qualify.

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