Scheduling Your Hours

The library is over 90 hours a week and our full schedule will begin after Labor Day.

The hours you work Monday morning through Friday afternoon will be consistent all semester. There is a separate weekend schedule, which changes weekly. No one is expected to work every weekend (unless you prefer weekend hours), but everyone is expected to work some weekend shifts each semester.

The number of hours you work each week will depend on the size of your work-study award. The hours that you are available to work will depend on your class schedule, off campus jobs, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities. Please be sure to keep all commitments in mind as you plan your work schedule! Use the following chart as a guideline to plan the number of hours per week that you should work to earn your full work-study award.

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Award Amount and Hours

Number of Hours That Can Be Worked, By Award Amount, Based on 32 Weeks (Award / $7.25 / 32)

Award Hours/Week
$700.00 3.02
$750.00 3.23
$800.00 3.45
$850.00 3.66
$900.00 3.88
$950.00 4.09
$1,000.00 4.31
$1,050.00 4.53
$1,100.00 4.74
$1,150.00 4.96
$1,200.00 5.17
$1,250.00 5.39
$1,300.00 5.60
$1,350.00 5.82
$1,400.00 6.03
$1,450.00 6.25
$1,500.00 6.47
$1,550.00 6.68
$1,600.00 6.90
$1,650.00 7.11
$1,700.00 7.33
$1,750.00 7.54
$1,800.00 7.76

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Work-Study Expectations


Students are expected to arrive for their scheduled shifts on time, and be prepared to work. If for any reason you are not able to make it to work you must notify us via e-mail or phone before the start of your shift. If you choose to call in, do not leave a message with another student. You must talk directly to a staff member. If you do not contact us, you will be counted as a no call/no show.

Students who are scheduled to work on nights or weekends and are unable to come in are responsible for finding a replacement or someone to trade hours with. If a replacement is found, the student who was originally scheduled to work should let library staff know about the changes.

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Unexcused Absences

An unexcused absence (no call/no show) occurs when a student fails to show up to work and does not notify the library. If this occurs three or more times the student may be permanently dismissed from working at the library.

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Student Worker Daily Duties

Upon arriving to work, it is expected that you will

  • Man the front desk (The Circ Desk must be staffed at all times, but only one person is needed)
  • Do 20 minutes shelving, daily
  • Do shelf-reading in Designated Area, weekly*
  • Ask staff about other tasks

Our expectations of workers scheduled for night and weekend shifts is the same as for daytime workers.

Designated Areas
Library work-study students will be assigned a designated area of shelves in the library for which they will be responsible. Work-study students will keep their area in a neat and orderly fashion by straightening and shelf reading. Students will be evaluated on the maintenance of their designated area during their yearly evaluation. Back to the top

Customer Service

Your first priority while at work is to serve library patrons. If a patron needs help, immediately stop what you are doing and help them. In any service industry, a general rule of thumb is to provide the kind of service you would like to receive.

Another important aspect of your job is to maintain a courteous and polite environment within the library towards patrons and staff. The library staff recognizes being a student should be your highest priority. We are committed to establishing a balance that recognizes you, the student, yet maintains a smooth running library that all patrons (including you) will find beneficial and promotes academic achievement. Our goal is to promote an atmosphere in which you will enjoy being a part of the BVU library community.

It is assumed that you will be eager to work and learn new skills throughout the school year. It is expected that you will ask questions if you are uncertain about something.

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Student Employee Discipline Procedure

Student workers must realize that with any job there are certain expectations. If expectations are not achieved, workers run the risk of not only losing their job, but also jeopardizing their opportunities for future employment. In accordance with BVU Human Resources policies, the following procedure is in place:

  • An informal warning, consisting of a verbal indication that the student is not performing to expectations and termination could result.
  • A written warning, stating that any further infractions will result in termination.
  • A formal, written termination may be issued if performance does not improve.

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Library Work-Study Rules

  • Laptops may be used at the Circulation Desk, however, any time a patron approaches the Circulation Desk, please lower your screen. It is important to remember that this is a professional environment, so please make sure to have appropriate screensavers (no scantly clad women or men, and no offensive pictures). In order to maintain a patron friendly environment, we ask that you do not listen to music through the speakers or headphones while at the Circulation Desk.
  • In order to maintain a professional and user friendly environment, no hats, caps, or bandanas are to be worn while working in the library. It is also expected that student workers will dress appropriately i.e. clean and respectful shirt and jeans. Shorts are appropriate in hot weather, however they should be of appropriate length and look. As a rule of thumb, please refrain from wearing anything that others may find offensive.
  • You should not be behind the Circulation Desk unless you are on the clock.
  • To promote an aesthetically pleasing environment candy wrappers and pop cans should be hidden from view and disposed of properly.
  • You may visit with friends for short periods of time at the Circulation Desk as long as they are not in the work area and you are able to serve patrons without hindrance.
  • No tobacco or alcohol products are to be used in the library.
  • It is vital that the Circulation Desk be covered at all times. If you must leave, make sure you have someone to cover.
  • Remember that this work-study job is an important part of your work history. Your supervisors may serve as a reference for future employment. It behooves you to make a positive and lasting impression.
  • Have fun; this is the best work-study job on campus!!!

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Time Keeping

Use the computer in the Circulation Office for logging "in" and "out". Any mistakes can be corrected if approved by the Circulation staff.

Students are paid every 2 weeks. Expect your first pay check approximately 4 weeks after you begin.

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Student Employee Position Descriptions

Job Title: Circulation Desk Assistant 

Supervisor: Reports to the Circulation Coordinator or library staff person assigned to supervising the desk (depending on hours scheduled).

Openings Available: 50?

Eligibility: open to students with work-study

Degree of Responsibility: Moderate

Duties and Responsibilities: The Circulation Desk Assistant is the first contact person for most patrons who enter or call the library. As the first point of contact, your demeanor at work is very important, as it creates a first and lasting impression on services the library provides. Typical duties of a Circulation Desk Assistant will include, but not be limited to: answering phones; waiting on patrons; checking materials in and out; stack maintenance tasks including sorting and shelving books, shelf-reading and inventory; handling money and confidential patron records; providing directional assistance and referral of patrons to a librarian for research assistance; addressing patrons when security alarm sounds; making sure the library is picked up and orderly; and other work as assigned by the library staff. Circulation Desk Assistants may work evening or weekend shifts with minimal supervision. Circulation Desk Assistants may be asked to assist with routine tasks associated with other library departments. Work time can be used for study only after other duties have been completed. Important: Patrons always take precedence over homework.

Required: Dependability and punctuality is a must. Need to be service oriented, accurate and conscientious about detail; comfortable with computers; possess a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. New students must attend an Orientation meeting the first week of school. It is strongly recommended that returning students attend a Re-Orientation meeting.

Desired: Communication skills, flexibility.

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Job Title: Student Leader

Supervisor: Reports to the Circulation Coordinator or library staff person assigned to supervising the desk (depending on hours scheduled).

Openings Available: 6-7

Eligibility: open to work-study students with Junior or Senior standing; must have one semester's employment as Circulation Desk Assistant

Degree of Responsibility: High

Duties and Responsibilities: Student Leaders are "Master Circulation Desk Assistants" who work evening and weekend shifts with little or no supervision; are responsible for end-of-day closing procedures for one or more nights per week; maintain an atmosphere conducive to research and study; perform overrides; communicate verbally or by email any problems or situations encountered or any other input that might provide helpful knowledge for library staff. Student Leaders will provide fellow students with an example of good work habits, work attendance and attitudes such as punctuality, dependability, cooperation, and honesty. Student Leaders will cooperate as a team member with the library staff in working to provide excellent customer service. Student Leaders are asked to attend a Re-Orientation meeting; attendance at a Camaraderie meeting and periodic Student Leader meetings is also essential. Student Leaders may assist with some of the following tasks: training new Circulation Desk Assistants; training new students to shelve books and shelf-read; assisting with Skill-Builder workshops when schedules allow; assisting with Job Fairs; revising the Student Handbook. Depending on schedules, work demands, and other staffing considerations, Student Leaders may be cross-trained to assist with the functions of ILL, Cataloging, and/or Serials.

Student Leader Daily Duties:
Upon arriving to work, it is expected that you will

  • Do 20 minutes shelving, daily
  • Man the front desk (The Circ Desk must be staffed at all times, but only one person is needed. If there is more than one student manning the Circ Desk, Student Leaders are expected to be out front assisting patrons, not in the back office.)
  • Do shelf-reading in Designated Area, weekly*
  • Ask staff about other tasks.

Assigned Hours †

Sun  - Thur

10 pm - midnight


5 - 6 pm


9 am - 6 pm

As Student Leaders, you are responsible for the above assigned hours. As such, you will:

  • Arrange work schedules, in cooperation with other Student Leaders, to staff for the posted night and evening hours.
  • Arrive promptly and dependably at scheduled times and remain until relieved or until closing.
  • Arrange for a substitute (another Student Leader) in the event of absence due to schedule conflicts or illness. Likewise, you will act as an emergency substitute for other Student Leaders seeking a substitute.
  • Work during finals week, and school events.

Required: Customer service skills; ability to handle noise and disruptive patron problems effectively; ability to demonstrate mature judgment in handling problems; familiarity with library policies; reliability.

Desired: Problem-solving skills. † Student Leaders are not limited to working only during these hours; however, these hours have been identified as the crucial hours that need coverage. No more than one Student Leader will be working at any one time. (This applies to days, nights, and weekends).

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Job Title: Technical Services Assistant

Supervisor: Circulation Coordinator

Assigned to: Joan Curbow

Openings Available: 3-5?

Eligibility: open to work-study students of Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing; must have one semester's employment as Circulation Desk Assistant

Degree of Responsibility: Moderate

Duties and Responsibilities: The primary functions of the Technical Services Department include cataloging materials and maintaining the print collection to ensure easy and timely access to materials. Technical Services Assistants will assist in the processing of library materials such as books, audio-visual materials and serials; will assist in the maintenance of the serials collection; may assist in gathering and preparing materials for bindery shipments, will retrieve and sort library materials, may assist in the verification of received serial publications; may perform simple repair of library materials, and other duties as assigned. Technical Services Assistants must be able to perform all the duties of a Circulation Desk Assistant, as this is a hybrid position. Once all Technical Services tasks have been completed, Technical Services Assistants will spend any remaining time at the Circ Desk, performing any and all Circ Desk tasks. This person also serves as a back-up to man the Circ Desk in the event of "no-shows". Technical Services Assistants will be expected to shelve and will be assigned a section to shelf-read. On occasion, Technical Services Assistants may be asked to serve as substitutes for Student Leaders, as need arises.

Required: The ability to handle detailed work with precision, accuracy, and neatness is essential.

Desired: A cooperative work attitude, a willingness to ask questions, and a receptivity to change is desired.

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Title: ILL Assistant

Supervisor: Circulation Coordinator

Assigned to: Florene Cork or Kelly Olson

Openings Available: 3-5?

Eligibility: open to work-study students of Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing; must have one semester's employment as Circulation Desk Assistant

Degree of Responsibility: Moderate

Duties and Responsibilities: The Interlibrary Loan department works to ensure that students, faculty and staff have access to materials beyond the BVU Library - delivered in a timely and efficient manner. An ILL Assistant may be responsible for a variety of duties including: searching computer databases; verifying bibliographic information of ILL requests; retrieving books and periodicals to be loaned out; scanning and sending documents using electronic document delivery software; processing incoming and outgoing mail. ILL Assistants must be able to perform all the duties of a Circulation Desk Assistant, so as to provide back-up assistance in that capacity as required.

Required: Given the time-sensitive, fast-paced nature of this job, the ability to work under pressure and the ability to prioritize tasks is a must. A high level of attention to detail, a patron-centered attitude and a commitment to excellence customer service is also essential.

Desired: Puzzle-solving skills; organizational skills; good decision-making skills; ability to multi-task; ability to work with interruptions and concentrate in a semi-noisy environment.

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