Finish Your Degree

16 Iowa Locations

More Technology = More Access

Every GPS site is now equipped with the technology for students to access live classes held at other sites across Iowa, providing additional course options. BVU students get more:

  • Course options. Advisors guide students through course registration by accessing a variety of valuable classes.
  • Knowledge. Learn from expert instructors who share the dynamics of holding jobs in rural and metro areas.
  • Collaboration. Instructors and fellow students network and share wide-ranging experiences by exchanging rich dialogue.


  • New location in West Burlington
  • 8-week courses
  • Online or Face-to-Face courses
  • Evening classes two nights a week
  • Located on 16 community college campuses across Iowa
  • Personal advisors to help you stay on track


Increase Your Income

Employers pay more for the right education and experience – at BVU, you get both. Our faculty integrates real-world workplace experience into the curriculum, and BVU students gain the skills and knowledge to analyze, evaluate, problem solve, and put solutions into action.

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