Wollesens Eagerly Support Field Project

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Former BV athlete Sherman “Sherm” Wollesen, Class of 1962, and his wife, Susan, eagerly joined the ranks of major donors for the athletics field project.

“I love sports,” says Wollesen. “I’ve loved participating and watching all of them. I’m just a sports fan!”

At BVU, Sherm played football (both offensive and defensive lines), basketball and baseball, serving as co-captain of the football team his senior year. He was inducted into the BVU Athletics Hall of Fame in 1993.

Sherm recalls his sophomore season as the team’s best, when BV claimed the conference championship with a record of 8-1. In contrast to the lean teams of the war years, Sherm remembers the late 50s teams as having monumental participation: “Those first two years we played, there were a lot of veterans playing and they were 22-25 years old. They were men! They were like pros in their maturity. A lot had played service ball.”

Among the many positives of his time on the team, Sherm cites the way it built his and his teammates’ interest in community and encouraged them to pass on their interests in sports. After graduating from BV, Sherm coached high school football, first at Holstein, replacing legendary Coach Russ Kraai.

“I knew he was leaving and he asked if I was interested in coaching football,” he laughs. “I had never coached a day in my life. I know many of my teammates went on to coach in the state and throughout the Midwest.”

“The BVU field project came along just at the right time in our lives for us to contribute,” says Sherm. “Those days were some of the best days of my life, playing football and basketball with good friends. My wife and I thought we might as well help the students of today have experiences like I had.”