Forbes Supports Turf Project

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Among the former athletes who stepped up to offer financial support for the athletic fields project is Wayne Forbes, Class of 1947.

He first enrolled at BV in 1942. In the world of college football, it was a time after helmets but before face masks. His first year, on a lark, he decided to join the team led by Coach Jake LaFoy. 

“I don’t want to make it seem like a big deal,” he says. “I had never played football in my life, and I was included because there weren’t many players on account of the war.”

On the BV team, Wayne was a part of what he called “the meat squad,” the practice crew the starting line could bounce around.

“My dad was a football player, and I thought if he could do it I could,” says Wayne.  “About all I had was guts and fortitude.”

While he began and finished his degree at BV, after his first year Wayne enlisted for 30 months in the Air Force, becoming an aerial navigator with the rank of Flight Officer. In his years since graduation, Wayne became owner of the former Storm Lake main street business Forbes Shoes and served as a Storm Lake community leader in organizations like the Kiwanis Club, and was a two-term president of BVU’s alumni association.

I chose to give, in part, because I’ve learned to see the University’s needs and grow with them,” he says. “I’m really enthused about the field because we’ve needed something like that. It’s going to draw better student-athletes.”