BVUNews Help Guides

Feel free to contact or 712.749.2120 with questions regarding the BVUNews.

Newsletter Dates

The BVUNews e-mail is sent on Mondays and Thursdays. If the University is closed, such as on a holiday, the BVUNews e-mail will be sent the next available Business Day.

Why isn't my Calendar Event showing up?

Calendar Event submissions will appear in the BVUNews newsletter seven days before the event is scheduled. If you'd like to announce your event far in advance, you should make two submissions - one as an Upcoming Event and again as a General Announcement.

Submission Method

All submissions to the BVUNews must be submitted through the BVUNews submission form. E-mail submissions will not be accepted.

Submission Deadline

All items for an upcoming edition of the BVUNews must be submitted by 9 a.m. on the edition day (Monday and Thursday mornings). Announcements submitted after that time will not be included. Special BVU News e-mails will not be sent for submissions made after this deadline.

Allowed Items

BVUNews serves the needs of the BVU students, faculty and staff. Submit announcements, job openings and calendar events.

Not Allowed Items

We do not accept "classified" items. If you have an item for sale, please use a different communication tool.
The BVUNews is for the BVU community only. Items submitted by advertisers and businesses will be omitted.
Images - BVUNews items and Special Announcements are plain text only.

Special BVUNews Announcements

To send a "Special BVUNews" e-mail announcement, provide the following information: subject line, message content, signature, and intended recipient group(s). All special announcement e-mails must be approved by a BVU Vice-President, no exceptions.

Redundant Items

Sometimes a similar item is submitted by two different parties, or by the same party in both "Calendar Events" and "General Announcements." Although UMC does not edit announcements, we reserve the right to clean or combine duplicate announcements.

Repeating Items/Placement

In fairness to other users, we cannot program a particular announcement to repeat in multiple BVUNews e-mails. We also cannot honor requests to place certain announcements at the top of a BVUNews e-mail message.


Please be considerate of others and avoid using ALL CAPS in the title of your BVUNews submission, or in the body of your announcement. We reserve the right to edit or delete submissions that use caps lock for emphasis.

  1. Go to BVU.EDU/BVUNews
  2. Choose "Submit a BVUNews Item"
  3. Choose "Announcement"
  4. Fill out the required fields
    1. Announcement Title - Give your announcement a relevant headline
    2. Contact Name - Let us know who we should contact if someone has questions about your event
    3. Contact's BVU Email Address
    4. Announcement text: Summarize your event. Please be mindful that we submit announcements as is, so double check your spelling and grammar - they won't be fixed for you!
    5. Submission Date: Note that today's date is selected by default. This is an advanced move so most people should skip adjusting this field. If you adjust this field, it may result in consequences you don't intend. If you'd like to schedule an announcement for the future, you may adjust the date to be a date 1 day before the BVUNews is sent.
    6. Link URL - if your announcement is relating to resource on the web, you can link to it. Make sure to include the full URL. Example:

Editing or Replacing General Announcements

Unfortunately, after submitting your BVUNews General Announcement, it isn't possible for you to edit it. If you'd like to make a change, please:

  • Submit a new General Announcement with the correct information
  • Email Let us know what the title of the announcement you'd like replaced and we'll get rid of the old/incorrect item.
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign In” along the top of the page. Login using your BVU password and full e-mail address.
  3. Click “Manage,” then “Create an Event.”
  4. Submit information about the event:
    1. Name of Event: the event title as you want it to appear in the calendar and BVUNews e-mail.
    2. Summary: a short summary of the event. This is what appears in the BVUNews, with a link to the full description. Limit of 250 characters.
    3. Check the “add a full description” box to add a full description of the event.
    4. When is the event? Select a start and end date/time for the event. You can also select "All Day Event" and "Recurring Event" if the event will occur more than once.
    5. To add Categories and Keywords, click the arrow to expand the view. Categories can help the event show up on certain parts of the website, but it’s not required. Click the arrow next to a category to show subcategories.
    6. To add a Location, click the arrow to expand the view. Click the arrow next to a location to show a list of rooms in that location. For most events, we recommend only one location. For example, if your event is being held in DE 209, we recommend that you check “Dixon Eilers 209” and not “Dixon Eilers.” If you don’t see your event’s location in this checkbox, contact
    7. To add Contact Information, click the arrow to expand the view. We recommend including as much contact information as possible.
    8. To add Images or Attachments, click the appropriate arrow to expand the view. For best results, please resize your images to about 600 pixels in width, using landscape orientation.
    9. Ignore Registration and Products and Custom Event Fields. We can assist with creating registrations for certain campus events. Contact
  5. Click “Submit” to submit your event for approval. Click “Save” if you are not ready for you event to be approved and you would like to come back to it later.