Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015

Broomball Double Elimination Tournament


Gift Card Prize

1st = $50
2nd = $25


  • A minimum of 4 players is required  and a maximum of 8 on a team (6 players would be optimal). One person must be of the opposite sex.
  • There will be one dedicated Team Captain on each team You must have a team name—Be Appropriate!
  • Only 16 teams will be allowed to compete in this tournament

Game Play

Basic Rules are similar to that of hockey. The following are some important exceptions and safety rules: Sneakers or snow boots are approved footwear. No skates, cleats, or cramp-ons will be allowed! 

Brooms and balls will be provided by BVU. You are only allowed to use the BVU provided gear to insure a fair competition. All other clothing or gear is the responsibility of the participant. Players will not be allowed to wear any equipment that is deemed unsafe for other players.

There will be 3 officials per game. There will be 1 score keeper per game.

There are two 10 minute halves with a three minute half-time. No Checking—it will result in an ejection from the game + 5 min penalty. No high-sticking—the broom may not be swung above your waste; i.e. the broom bristles are not allowed to come above your waste. The goalie is the only player allowed to grab and/or freeze the ball—only within the goal crease (4ft radius semi-circle around the goal).

Ties will result in a shoot-out.

A goalie may not throw a ball beyond half court—he/she must pass to a player on their half.

A complete set of rules will be available to look through at the Student Services Office and the Intramurals, Recreation, and Outdoor Adventure Den.

Award Ceremony

  • Play will be announced for each court via the TEAM NAME—players are responsible for paying attention to whom is coming up next
  • Teams are allowed 10 minutes from time of announcement to have players ready or they will forfeit.