Media Relations

University Marketing & Communications serves as a liaison between the members of the campus community and the media, determining the most newsworthy aspects of a campus story, deciding which media may be interested in the story, putting the story into a format that's familiar to and convenient for the media, and getting the story to the appropriate media in a timely fashion. See policy.


Paid advertising for the University, whether it's via print media, radio/television broadcasts, or electronic ads, is arranged through University Marketing & Communications. Examples include display ads that publicize an event or promote a campaign, and sponsorships that meet marketing goals. UMC can also provide design services for advertisements. See policy.


All publications meant for distribution to external (off-campus) audiences must be channeled through University Marketing & Communications. Examples include brochures, posters, pamphlets, flyers, etc. UMC is available to provide professional-level design and copy-writing services, with close attention to the target audience. See policy.

Web & New Media

The Web and New Media Development branch of University Marketing & Communications provides communication services delivered electronically through the use of the Internet, e-mail, and other electronic vehicles. Services include market research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. See policy.

Campus Communication

University Marketing & Communications compiles entries for and publishes the BVUNews, the University's primary and official method of mass communication to the campus community. UMC can also assist with any publications intended solely for the campus community. See policy.