Program Guides

Outlook Support Guide
Use this guide to help yourself through the Macintosh, Outlook Web App (OWA), and Windows clients for Microsoft Outlook. You can also use this information to help you set up Microsoft Outlook Exchange on many common devices, including Android phones, iPhones/iPads, and Mac Mail.

Video Resources

Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning's online training resources make it easy to learn new technology and encourage technology integration in the classroom. You can access Atomic Learning within ANGEL.

Films on Demand
Films On Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it easier than ever to incorporate outstanding educational programs from Films Media Group into your content management systems, online lesson plans, distance learning courseware, or electronic card catalog system.

Interactive PowerPoint

TurningPoint ResponseWare
TurningPoint is an interactive audience response system integrated directly into Microsoft PowerPoint.  Turn your lectures and presentations into fun, interactive activities that promote participation and provide instantaneous feedback.

Learning Management System

ANGEL is the Learning Management System that Buena Vista University has chosen as its main platform. It is a series of online course tools that allow instructors to manage course content, provide communicate between students and the instructors, and provide assessment.

Collaborative Software

Blogs, Wikis, and Discussion Boards
These collaboration tools will allow users to work together on projects and post information.

Secure Online Testing

Respondus Lockdown Browser
Respondus Lockdown Browser allows you to provide a secure online testing environment within ANGEL using a special Browser on all BVU laptops.

Media Creation Software

Adobe Photoshop and Web Design Software
As a member of Buena Vista University, you have available to you a myriad of media creation applications that will allow you to create and manipulate media as you would like. Such software includes Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

Web Conferencing Solutions

Blackboard Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate is an electronic resource that will allow individuals to connect online through the use of a synchronous communication tools, such as live chat, file/desktop/application sharing, voice chat, and video chat. Buena Vista University uses Blackboard Collaborate in many ways, both as a classroom component for online learning, and as an online training delivery method. Blackboard Collaborate uses online "sessions" with a predetermined start time and duration.

Video Dashboard
Video Dashboard is an online video recording tool that allows you to send video messages to people via email. Because it is online, there is no need to download any software, and it is simple to use. Simply log into ANGEL to start recording.

Digital "Mini" Lectures (narrated PowerPoint)

Using Camtasia you can record what your computer screen is displaying to aid in the creation of video training guides and presentations. Camtasia allows users to capture and incorporate audio, voice narration also so the viewer sees what you see!

Assessment ePortfolio

Buena Vista University has created Focus as an in house assessment portfolio. This portfolio will provide the ability for users to create professional portfolios as well.

Plagiarism Detection and Prevention
Turnitin will allow both faculty and students to submit papers to the Turnitin website that will check the essays against databases containing articles, website and other papers. Turnitin then produces what is called an Originality Report which helps faculty and students see if their information is cited correctly. Turnitin can be used either through their website or through an integration in our LMS, ANGEL.