TLTC Hiding Courses in ANGEL

Hiding Unwanted Courses in ANGEL

You may wish to get rid of old or unwanted courses in your ANGEL course list. You will not have the ability to delete or remove yourself from your courses, but you can hide them from your course list.

How do I hide unwanted courses in ANGEL?

Your first step will be to log into ANGEL.
Once logged in, hover over the Courses nugget until you see the editing toolbar. The pencil tool should appear fourth image from the right. Click on the pencil icon to access the Courses Settings screen.

  1. You now can uncheck the courses that you do not wish to see on your Courses nugget on your Home page. Keep in mind that this does not delete the courses, it merely removes them from you course list in the Courses nugget.
    • Group by semester or category
    • Auto display the role, instructor, semester
    • Check to see the graded, mailed, posts, milestones and tasks within a course
  2. Click the Save button at the bottom after changing your options. You should see your changes reflected in your Courses nugget on your home page
  3. You can also group your courses with the options provided in the Advanced Settings portion of the Courses settings screen.