TLTC Printing Strategies

Printer Locations

One important thing to keep in mind when printing documents on campus is the location of the printer. Most of the printers installed on your computer are scattered across the network, so it is important to realize that if you print to it, it may actually print on the other side of campus. While BVU does not have a very large campus, you probably do not want to walk all the way across campus and back to retrieve your document.

Most of the network printers are named in a fashion that one can tell at least what building it is in. For example, the printer named "Grand Hall" is located in Grand Hall. Since there is a large number of printers scattered across campus, it should be fairly easy to find a printer near your location.

How do I select a printer?

  1. When you print a document, you should choose the appropriate printer. Go to the Office Button menu and select Print.
  2. In the Print window, you will see a list of available printers in either a drop-down menu or a scroll menu.
  3. Select the appropriate printer (e.g. the printer location nearest to you).

How do I control print quality?

In the Print window, you will also have access to some advanced printer settings, such as printing to both sides or conserving toner (ink).

  1. Click the Properties button.
  2. Under the Paper/Quality section, select the options that best fits your needs.
    • Best Quality: uses a lot of toner and produces darker images/text; use only for display items.
    • Faster Printing: uses less toner and still produce good images/text; use for assignments and papers.
    • Custom: lets you define your own quality settings.
    • EconoMode: significantly reduces the amount of toner used when printing, it's still readable, but the difference is noticeable; this, used with the Faster Printing option, is recommended for drafts or personal notes (things that will not be turned in).

How do I print on one side only?

Your computer is set to print on both sides by default to save paper. However, you can change this to print on one side only.

  1. Click on the Properties button.
  2. Click on the Finishing tab.
  3. Uncheck the Print on both sides option.

How do I set my default printer?

Initially, your default printer will be the Centennial Room, since it is centrally located. However, if there is a printer that you consistently use, you may want to change the default printer for your computer.

  1. To set your default printer, go to the Windows Start button, Control Panel, then over to Printers.
  2. The current default printer will be identifiable by a small check-mark next to its printer icon.
  3. Right-click on the printer you would like to make your default printer.
  4. A short-cut menu will pop up; select the Set as Default Printer option.