TLTC Faculty Video Dashboard

How to Embed the Video Widget into the course

The video widget allows you to let students create their own videos that allows them to record and then submit to you within your course. You can take a video widget and embed it into a page in your course in ANGEL.

  1. Within the Video Dashboard, find Widget in the upper right hand corner of the page in the orange ribbon. Click on it.
  2. In the new window you will be given options that allow you to customize the widget. You can limit how long the student’s videos are as well as the orientation of the video window. When you’re done, hit Copy to Clipboard.
  3. Next, go into the course that you wish to place the widget in.
  4. Inside course content, create a page.
  5. In the format bar, click on the Source button and then paste the code.
  6. Click on Save.