TLTC ANGEL Viewing and Grading Submitted Assignments

Viewing Assignments

Assignments submitted through drop-boxes (as well as quizzes/exams with essay questions) can only be viewed through that drop-box and not the Gradebook.

  1. To view submitted assignments, go to the actual drop-box within the course, not the Gradebook.
  2. Hover your cursor over the drop-box so the links appear below it. Click the Utilities link.
  3. Click the View, Grade or Delete Submissions link at the top.
  4. Click the View button next to the assignment you would like to view.

Note: Below the subject, is the date and time the item was submitted. Since every activity in ANGEL is time stamped, you can quickly see if an assignment was submitted late.

  1. If the student entered any notes for you (using the Messages section), they will be displayed on the page.
  2. The assignment should be submitted as an attachment, so you will be given a link to the file. You will have to click the link and choose whether you want to Open or Save the file (or, depending upon your browser settings, it may just open).
  3. Click the Done button.

Grading Assignments

Grades for drop-boxes (and quizzes/exams with essay questions) should be entered through that actual item and not the Gradebook. Since drop-boxes are linked with the Gradebook, all grades entered through the utilities of a drop-box are automatically transferred into the Gradebook.

  1. Once you are ready to grade a submitted assignment, click the Grade button next to the appropriate student's assignment.
  2. Type the appropriate grade in the Grade text box.
  3. You should always provide your students feedback on their assignments, so type your comments in the Remarks text box.
  4. If you need to attach a file (i.e. their assignment with your electronic comments), click the Attachments button and upload the file.
  5. Click the OK button and the grade will be entered into the grade book.

Note: By default drop-boxes are set to grade the First Submission, so if a student submitted the wrong file you should delete that submission and have the student re-submit the correct file. If the old submission remains and you grade the second submission, the grade will not be transferred to the gradebook.

Grading Post & Response Forums

Utilities Menu

Discussion forums can be graded two different ways, either through the Utilities menu of the discussion forum or through the corresponding item in the Gradebook.

Grading through the actual discussion forum is the preferred method of grading, because there is no chance of putting the grades in the wrong assignment.

  1. Go to the Post and Response forums you would like to grade.
  2. Click the Utilities link below the forum's title.
  3. Then click the Grade Forum link. Here you will see a list of your students, their total number of postings, number of posts, number of responses, number of peer responses, average peer rating, % points earned, and then places for you to enter their grade and comments.
  4. Once you have entered the grades, click the Submit Grades button at the bottom.
Note:When you're in the "Grade Forum" utility each student's name is a link that you may click each name in order to see all of the student's posts that they have written for the particular course. You may want to utilize this in order to simply your search for student posts.


  1. To grade using the gradebook, go to the Manage tab.
  2. Under the Enter/Edit Grades section click By Assignment.
  3. Select the appropriate post and response forum and click Go. Your screen will have a table. Enter the points earned and comments.
Note: When grades are added through the gradebook, by default they will automatically become locked and no changes can be made to those grades outside of the gradebook. If you add a grade through the gradebook you must go back through the gradebook to edit the grade; if you try to edit the grade through the Utilities menu after it has been added through the gradebook, it will not transfer to the Gradebook.

Scoring Posts

  1. You may score posts as your read them
  2. You can click on ratings and then click "enter score" dashes to access it
  3. You can manage this by going to the Settings>Interaction>Maximum Instructor Rating Score