TLTC Using the P Drive

The P drive is a safeguard given to all students to backup files to protect against hard drive failure. The P drive is backed up nightly, so in the unlikely event of a server crash, no more than one day's worth of work will be lost.

How do I put files on my P drive?

You can manually back-up your work to the P drive, which gives you the control to select which files are important to back up.

  1. To copy files direction to your P drive, go to your Computer folder on the Desktop
  2. Double-click the USERNAME(\\FILE-07\VOL1\USERS)(P:) to open it.
  3. You can transfer files into it just like you would from folder to folder on a normal hard drive (click-and-drag).

Note: Keep in mind that you only have 150 MB of total space on your P drive, so you should only back up school-related materials of importance.