TLTC ANGEL Activity Logs

ANGEL Activity Logs

If you're wondering if a student has been active in the course, you can easily find out by following the steps below. Note: Tracking will need to be enabled on items in your course for this to work.

  1. Log in to your course and go to the Reports tab.
  2. From the "User(s)" drop-down menu select the appropriate student.
  3. In the "Configure Report" section click the calendar icon and change the date to the start of the term.
  4. From the "Select report view" drop-down menu select Drill Down. The report should automatically generate after you switch the view to Drill Down, but otherwise you can click the Run button.
  5. You'll then need to scroll through the dates looking for the plus sign (+) – those are the dates where the student did something in the course (logged in, clicked on something, etc.).
    1. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the date and view the activity.
    2. A link with the item name means the student accessed that item in the course.
    3. If you only see LOGIN or LOGOUT, then the student entered the course but did not click on any of the items.