TLTC Changing Course Availability

Managing Courses

Changing Course Availability

Once a course has been created, loaded with content, and populated with the appropriate student roster, it will be the responsibility of the instructor to make the course available to the students. This can be done any time once the course has been created and students automatically enrolled. By default any new course shell will be made unavailable (not visible) to the students until the appropriate time.

Note: Please review the Course Creation and Student Enrollment helpguides for clarification on the new automatic course creation and enrollment processes.

To change your course availability:

  1. Log in on the ANGEL homepage and enter the appropriate course. Under the Tools tab click on General Course Settings from the Course nugget.
  2. Click on the Access tab.
  3. Change the Member Access by clicking on the dropdown arrow and choosing All Members.
  4. Click Save then click OK in the message that appears.
  5. The course will now be shown in the enrolled student accounts. At the end of the course, provided the correct end date is selected, the course will be hidden from student view.
Note: To check on your course's dates of availability, go to the Course tab under General Course Settings. The dates will automatically be set for the duration of your course.