TLTC Student View: Using the Attendance in ANGEL

Student View: Using the Attendance in ANGEL

Instructors can use the Attendance Manager to keep track of student attendance electronically in ANGEL. If you instructor is using the Attendance Manager, there may be occasions where you as the student will have to enter your own attendance in ANGEL using the Attendance Nugget and a PIN.

How do I enter today's attendance PIN to mark myself present?

    1. To mark yourself as present for any particular day, you will first need to log into your ANGEL course.

  1. In the Attendance nugget located on the homepage, you will see a field where you will have to enter Today's PIN in order to mark yourself as present.
  2. You will receive Today's PIN from your instructor as they have the daily PIN for the course in their ANGEL profile.
  3. Enter the PIN in the form and press submit.
  4. You should then see verification that you have been marked as present.

Note: To learn about the Attendance Feature in ANGEL from an instructor prospective, please go to the "Using the Attendance Manager" helpguide