TLTC ANGEL Drop Box Submissions

Uploading and Submitting Assignments in a Drop box

ANGEL has a digital drop box which is like a mailbox to submit your online assignments. The drop box conveniently submits all of your files in one location. To access the drop box, go log in on the ANGEL homepage and click the Course Content tab.

Naming your Files

The "file name" refers to the name you give a document when you first save it. Following this simple procedure will make it easier for the instructor to return the proper files to each student and ensure you receive proper credit for the assignment.

All assignments must be submitted as the appropriate Microsoft Office file (Word.doc, Excel.xls, PowerPoint.ppt, etc.). Name your document with your BVU username followed by an underscore and the assignment title. If an assignment title contains spaces, replace the spaces with underscores.

  • For example, if the title of the assignment is "Assignment 1," the file name for Jon Smith's (username=smitjon) assignment would be smitjon_Assignment_1.doc (or .xls, .ppt, etc.).
Note: If you use a word processing program other than Microsoft Word, you must save your files with the Rich Text Format (.rtf) so your instructor can open them. Simply use File > Save As and for the file type select Rich Text Format.

Submitting Assignments

The majority of your assignments will need to be submitted through a digital drop–box in Angel.

  1. To submit an assignment, click on the name of the drop box for that assignment. There will be a drop box for each individual assignment. The drop box should be named accordingly (i.e. Assignment 1 Drop box) and will have the drop box icon next to it.
  2. Enter a Title (i.e. "USERNAME_Assignment1").

You do not have enter anything in the Message area, but you can enter specific information to the instructor if you so choose. Follow the steps below for uploading your assignment file (don't copy and paste it into the message box).


  1. Click the Attachments button to attach your actual file.
  2. In the window that pops up, click the Browse button and locate the appropriate file.
  3. Then click the Upload File button and the file name will be listed in the Uploaded Files section.
  4. If you need to delete one of the files, select it and then click the Delete button.
  5. Once you have finished uploading all the necessary files, click the Finished button.
  6. Click the Submit button to Submit button your assignment.
Note: After you click the Submit button, you will be shown a receipt page letting you know that your assignment was successfully submitted.