TLTC Navigating ANGEL

The Home page is the first page that appears when you log into ANGEL. From here you can get to all of your ANGEL Courses as well as use the calendar and Course Mail tools for all of your courses. To access one of your courses, select the specific course you wish to enter in the Courses nugget on the Home page.

  • The Home button will return you to the Home page.
  • The question mark icon is the Help button. It displays the ANGEL online help guides and resources in a new window.
  • The Logoff button logs you out of the ANGEL environment.
  • You can change the layout of your ANGEL pages by clicking on the Preferences button in the power strip on the left side of the page. Some of the preference options include modifying your personal information and a theme selector where you can change the color scheme.
  • The final button is a built-in Instant Messenger within ANGEL. Although not as powerful as external instant messengers systems, this is helpful in working with other students on group projects if you cannot meet in person.
Note: You will not be able to edit every nugget because some are locked.

If you would like to change the content on your Home page,

  1. Click the Edit Page link in the top-left corner of the page (under Home title).
  2. This will open up a drag and drop view of the entire page.
  3. To change the content of individual nuggets, click on the edit button that appears in the top-right corner of the nugget you put your cursor over.

Course Navigation

Once you are inside a course, a new navigation system will show up towards the top of your window, resembling the image below.

  • The Welcome tab is the home page for the course you are enrolled in. It shows you current announcements, course mail, and grades for that individual course.
  • The Calendar tab provides the user with due dates and upcoming events in a familiar calendar view.
  • The Course Content tab is the most commonly used tab. This tab gives you access to all of your course documents and assignments.
  • You'll find the course syllabus in the Resources tab. There are also links to 2fix, the Center for Academic Excellence, and even the Bookstore.
  • The Communication tab contains links to the course roster, your course email, and other possible options depending on what the instructor has made available to students.
  • The Reports tab includes common course tools to help you track your course progress, grades, and more.