TLTC ANGEL: Adding Content to Courses

Adding Content

ANGEL has many options for you to choose from when it comes to adding content to your course. The Add Content link allows instructors and course editors to create content items such as: folders, pages, hyperlinks, assessments, surveys, games, discussion forums, and drop boxes.

Changing Your Settings Using the Tabs

There are certain tabs that are available for nearly every item you may want to create. The three basic tabs are the Content tab, Access tab, and Assignment tab.

The Content tab is the main tab in which you will title your content and add the needed information (explanation, instructions, etc.)

The Access tab allows you to choose who will be able to view the content. In the Viewer Restrictions section use the Viewable by drop down menu and choose the group you want the information to be visible to. By default this is set to Students.

The Assignments tab allows you to set up the assignment for the gradebook. Under the Gradebook Settings section, click on the Assignment drop down menu and choose (New Assignment). More options will become available. From the Category menu, select the appropriate category (To set up categories see the Gradebook guide.) Enter the Points Possible. Select which submission will count for a grade from the Calculation Type menu. Then select which format of grading you would prefer from the Display Format menu. Click Save.

To add any type of content in ANGEL, first you will need to:

  1. Log in to ANGEL and select the appropriate course.
  2. Click on the Course Content tab located across the top of the page.
  3. Click the Add Content link.
  4. Click on the type of content you want to add.

Create a Folder

You may want to create a folder to hold files that students will need view all at once. This may be helpful for assignments and projects that have many components. To create a folder:

  1. After logging in, enter the appropriate course and click on the Course Content tab.
  2. Directly under the title in the content area click on the Add Content link and click on the option for Folder.
  3. You will then need to type in a Title in the Content tab. You have the option to type a subtitle as well.
  4. If you wish to make this folder unavailable, you can click on the Access tab and put a check in the box next to "Do not allow users to view this item".
  5. Click Save.

Note: If you wish to see more options, you can click on the Advanced button above the tabs. This will display more options, such as setting date restrictions.

Create a Page

Use this option to create a page of content. You can use the Page option to add information directly in ANGEL. Think of a page as an equivalent to the Item option in BlackBoard. To add page item:

  1. Click on the option for Folder.
  2. In the Content tab you will need to Title your page. You have the option to type a subtitle as well.
  3. Type your information or instructions into the Page Text box. You can use the WYSISWYG editor to format your text
  4. If you wish to make this page unavailable, you can click on the Access tab and put a check in the box next to "Do not allow users to view this item".
  5. When you are done adding information, click Save.

Upload a File

If you have a file that you would like to upload to ANGEL, you will use the File option.

  1. After you have chosen File, you will need to search for the file on your computer.
  2. Click the Browse button.
  3. Add a Title.
  4. Click Upload File.
  5. Click OK when you are notified that the file was uploaded correctly.

Create a Drop Box

For students to submit files electronically, you will need to create a drop box. The drop box option works much in the same way as creating a page. The only difference is the way that they are used. After the drop box is created, students will have an box that allows them to attach the appropriate assignment.

If you want to add the drop box within a folder, first you will need to click on the name of that folder under the Course Content tab and click Add Content then choose Drop Box.

  1. After you click on Drop Box, type a name in the Title box. It will be helpful to students to title the drop box according to the assignment (i.e. Assignment 1 Drop Box).
  2. Use the Page Text box to add information. To format your page, use the WYSIWYG Editor.
  3. After you have the information added, click on the Submission tab.
  4. Under Max Submissions choose the number of times students are allowed to submit the assignment.
  5. You will want to Enable the Message Box so that students can type you a message about their assignment if needed.
  6. You should also Enable Attachments since students should submit their assignments by uploading the document as an attachment.
  7. When you are done adding information, click Save.

Create a Discussion Forum

Discussion Forums allow for class discussions outside of class time. By creating a discussion forum students can give their own input about the set topic and are able to view and reply to peer responses.

  1. After you click on Discussion Forum, type a name in the Title box.
  2. Use the Directions box to inform students how you want the discussion forum to be used. You may want to type requirements here as well, such as how many posts and replies are expected. To format the directions, use the WYSIWYG Editor.
  3. When you are done adding information, click Save.