TLTC ANGEL Course Policy

ANGEL Course Policy

Courses in will remain in ANGEL for two years. Courses in ANGEL will be deleted twice each year after the start of the Fall and Spring Semesters (October and March respectively).

We will leave the current academic year and the past academic year.

For example, after the start of Fall 2012 (131S term code) the courses from Fall 2010 will be removed (111S term code).

The Registrar's office copies the courses to the next academic year before students register.

For example, this Spring 2012 (123S term code) the students will register for next Fall (131S term code). Prior to registration the Registrar copies all the courses for the following Fall 2013 semester (141S).

We would like faculty to delete their own courses from ANGEL. The ideal scenario is as follows:

Spring 2012 has already started and faculty have copied their courses from Spring 2011 or another prior semester. After the course has been successfully copied, the faculty member archives the old course, downloads the archive, and then deletes the course from ANGEL.