TLTC ANGEL Discussion Forums

Using the Discussion Forums

Discussion forum activities are built into many courses and are a great way for you to interact and communicate with your instructor and fellow classmates in an open forum.


To enter a Discussion forum, navigate to the appropriate place in your course. The instructor should let you know where discussion forums are located. Click either the discussion forum icon or the title of the discussion forum.

  1. To create a new post, click the New Post link in the top–left corner under the title. Posting a message will be very similar to sending an email.
  2. Type an appropriate descriptive subject in the Post title text box.
  3. Then type your message in the Message text box.

Adding an Attachment

    1. To attach a file, such as a document or image, click (add a file) under the dialogue box.
    2. In the window that pops up, click the Select button and locate the file you want to attach. When it is selected, press open.
    3. Then click the Upload button and your file name will be listed in under the Attachments section.

    1. To upload more than one file at a time, select the Add in the Add attachment window and repeat the process.
    2. To cancel the uploading of a file, select the file by clicking in the button to the left of the name and select Delete.

  1. All the files you uploaded will be listed below the Attachments button.
  2. After you have completed your message and uploaded any necessary files, click the Save button and your message will be added to the discussion forum. 

Reading & Responding

To read a posted message, navigate to the appropriate discussion forum, and click on the subject of the message you wish to read.

To deal with the message, use the links across the bottom–right.

To respond to a message:

    1. Click the Reply button.
    2. The Post A Reply window will look identical to the Post A New Message window.
    3. When responding to a message you have the Quote Original Message option after the Title box.

  1. If you click the Quote Original Message link, the original message will be added to your message, along with the author and time that they posted it.
  2. Type your reply to the original author in the message box.
  3. After you have finished typing your reply message, click the Save button.
Note: Personal communication that is not intended for the whole class should be handled through course mail. Also, be courteous and constructive when responding to other people's postings.