TLTC Windows Photo Gallery

Using Windows Photo Gallery

A program called Windows Photo Gallery is installed on your laptop that makes doing simple image manipulation quick and easy.

  1. Windows Photo Gallery can be found by going to the "Applications" folder or going to the Windows Start menu>All Programs>Applications>Windows Photo Gallery.

  2. Use Photo Gallery to open the picture you want to edit by navigating to the image on you computer and double-clicking on it, or right-clicking on it and choosing Open with and Windows Photo Gallery. Windows Photo Gallery will automatically grab recently imported images.

  3. To grab a group of pictures in a single folder, go to File and select Add Folder to Gallery. To open a single picture, right click on the picture and select Open With Windows Photo Gallery

How do I crop an image?

Cropping an image is the process of cutting out the unwanted areas of your digital photo. To do this, select the picture you wish to edit, then select Fix on the toolbar.

  1. Select Crop and a box will appear in the middle of the picture.

  2. You can adjust the size of the box by clicking and dragging the squares at the corners.

  3. When you have selected the area you want select Apply.

Note: Windows Photo Gallery automatically saves the changes you make to the image(s). If a mistake is made while editing you can select Undo at the bottom right. If you have edited the picture in the Windows Photo Gallery, you can select the image, go to the Fix screen and select Revert on the bottom-left of the screen. The picture can be reverted back to its original form as long as it stays in the Windows Photo Gallery.

How do I remove Red Eye from my photos?

When using taking pictures with the flash on, some pictures of people may have the reflection of the flash in their eyes. This is called Red Eye.

  1. Select the picture you want to remove the red-eye from, and then select Fix.

  2. If the picture is too far away it may help to view it at full size by selecting the full view button.

  3. Select the Fix Red Eye tool on the right and draw a rectangle around the eye to dim the reflection by clicking and dragging. Windows Photo Gallery will then remove the red-eye from this portion of the image.

What can I do with my pictures?

Once your photos are in Windows Photo Gallery, there are many different things you can do with them.

  1. You can burn your photos to a disc.

  2. You can edit them further by opening them up into Adobe Photoshop.

  3. You can even make a slideshow movie with your photos in Windows Movie Maker. When you click on the Make a Movie link, it will automatically open Windows Movie Maker and import the image or you have selected into the collections.