TLTC Using Respondus

Getting Started

To begin using Respondus, go to the Windows Start menu>All Programs>Respondus 3.5 Campus-Wide. The Respondus window will appear and by default will start you out under the Start tab.

Creating Questions

  1. Under the Start tab, select Open or Create and then click the Create button.
  2. In the window that pops up, type in a Name and short Description.
  3. Then select whether you are creating an Exam or a Survey.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. The Edit tab will open and you can then begin adding your questions. You have the following question option:
    • Multiple Choice
    • True and False
    • Essay/Short Answer
    • Matching
    • Ordering
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Multiple Answers
  6. In the text fields provided, type in a title for the question, the actual question as you want it to appear, the possible answers, and a point value.
  7. Then select the correct answer from the drop-down menu.
  8. If you would like to provide feedback for correct and/or incorrect answers, tick the box next to Feedback in step 3 and then click the General Feedback button.
  9. Type in your feedback responses and then click the OK button.
  10. When you have finished creating your first question, click the Add to End of List button. When you have finished creating your first question, click the Add to End of List button.
  11. After the first question is added, you can use either the Add to End of List button or the Insert into List button.

Note: Tabbing to get to the next text field will not work in Respondus. You will need to physically move your cursor to the desired text box and then type.

Uploading Questions

To upload question into Respondus, the text file must follow the specific Respondus Format (See the Formatting Questions for Tests guide).

  1. Under the Start tab, select Open or Create.
  2. Then click the Import Questions button.
  3. The Import Questions window will pop up. Follow the directions provided.
  4. For part 1, select the type of file (TextPad is standard text and Microsoft Word is rich text) and then click the Browse button to find your file.
  5. For part 2, type in a Name for your exam.
  6. If it is a survey, select Survey (Exam is the default selection).
  7. Click the Preview button and check your questions to make sure they're OK.
  8. Then click the Finish button. After your questions are imported you can create more and add them if you would like.

Previewing the Questions

When you have all the desired questions created or uploaded, you will want to preview your questions and then publish them to ANGEL.

  1. Click the Preview & Publish tab, Preview, then the Preview the File button.
  2. Browse through your questions (one at a time) using the Prev. and Next buttons.
  3. If you need to make a change to a question, click the Modify Item button and make the necessary change.
  4. After you have checked the questions, click the Close button.

Publishing to ANGEL

    1. Click the Preview & Publish tab, then Publish to ANGEL.
    2. Choose a server from the drop-down list.
    3. If you have not previously uploaded questions to ANGEL, you will need to choose add new server.
    4. You must first select "No, I want to enter the server settings manually".
    5. In the window that opens an example is shown below, follow the directions.
    6. You will need to copy and paste the web address of the ANGEL home page (
    7. Press the Extract button. Do not do anything with the information that is extracted.
    8. Type a short description for the ANGEL server and then enter your ANGEL Username and Password.
    9. Choose what course you want to publish your test or survey from the pull-down menu.
    10. Give the quiz a name.
    11. Uncheck Apply Random Blocks to Quiz and Apply Settings to Quiz.
    12. You will then be prompted to select the location of your quiz.
    13. The status window will then inform you of the progress. Once the status window displays Completed successfully, then select Finish to go back to Respondus.

Note: Respondus is capable of importing questions from a text document, and then later uploading those to ANGEL. However, there is a specific format that needs to be followed in order for the questions to be properly imported. To learn more about formatting your documents so you can easily place them in your ANGEL course using respondus, please view the Input Question Formatting for Respondus helpguide.