TLTC Network Connections

How to Connect with OS10

  1. Go to the wireless icon at the top of the screen, click on it to open
  2. Select BVU
  3. Once you click on it,  a screen will pop up asking for your username and password
  4. After entering in your credentials, click on connect.


If you change your password you will have to make sure to change the password for your BVU username so you can have access to the BVU network. 

  1. You can do this by clicking on the wireless icon again and going to  Network Preferences
  2. Click on Disconnect
  3. Go ahead and reconnect to the BVU network
  4.  It will then ask you to enter in your new credentials (i.e. your username and new password)
  5. Once you have completed these steps you will be reconnected to the BVU network.


How to Connect with an iOS Device

If you have an iPad or iPhone, here are the steps you can use to connect to BVU networks:

  1. Go to General Settings
  2. Tap on the Wi-Fi tab
  3. Tap on BVU
  4. Enter in your BVU username and password
  5. A certificate will pop up, tap on Accept
  6. You should now be connected to the BVU network.

How to Connect with Windows

If you have a Dell or HP computer, follow these steps to connect:

  1. Click on the wireless icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen
  2. Click on BVU and then Connect
  3. Type in your BVU username and password into the Network Authentication window; click on OK
  4. A verification window will pop up, click on Connect
  5. You will be automatically connected.