iPad Submissions


A Sad Day

Name: Zoami Calles-Sosa
Steps Taken: Use of fingers only
Applications used: Inspire Pro
Design Goals: I really had no design goals; I just wanted to create something with the new app I got.

Pretty Girl

Name: Mark Haugen
Steps Taken: I simply wanted to record/produce a multi-track recording on the iPad. Although I had access to other ways to use other mics with the iPad, I stuck with the onboard one to remain a hipster purist. Out of it, came this lo-fi jam that you could hopefully put on a mixtape for your girlfriend.
Applications used: Garageband
Design Goals: I have way too many Pro-Tools plugins, and I feel like a lot of times they get in the way of my songwriting. On the iPad I was limited to 8 tracks and few plugins. I wanted to make more with less.