BVU Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Resources for Supervising Student Teaching

University Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Link to informational handout regarding University Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Link to powerpoint presentation regarding University Supervisor Responsibilities


  • Link to more information regarding Canvas requirement for student teachers.

University Supervisor Initial Visit Consultation

  • Link to form for initial visit and consultation form

University Supervisor Checklists for Student Teaching

  • Link to 4 Week University Supervisor Checklist
  • Link to 7-8 Week University Supervisor Checklist
  • Link to 16 Week University Supervisor Checklist

Formal Lesson Observation forms

  • Link to Lesson Observation Form
  • Link to Observation Report
  • Link to Probes for Lesson Observation

Student Teaching Evaluation Descriptors

  • Link to Practitioner Candidate Evaluation Descriptors
  • Link to Resource for Mid-Term and Final Evaluations in Student Teaching and Evaluation Clarification and Descriptors

Growth Plan Forms and Example

  • Link to Growth Plan form
  • Link to Supporting Students with Growth Plan resource

Continuing Experiences in K-12/ 40 Hour Rule Policy

Iowa Core

  • Link to the Iowa Department of Education 

Understanding by Design

  • Link to Authentic Education- What is UbD?
  • UbD Professional Development Opportunity:  The School of Education has professional development coursework available focusing on Understanding by Design.  The course is available to adjunct faculty, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors.  Completed coursework will lead to graduate credit at no cost.  If interested in this opportunity, please contact Shaley Cullen at