Cooperating Teachers for the Teacher Education Program use Canvas for reviewing and completing student teacher evaluations and collaborating with Supervisors and Placement Coordinators. Cooperating Teachers will receive an instruction packet at the beginning of the placement to aid in using their Canvas account.

Cooperating Teacher accounts are automatically generated and an email notification is sent containing the account information. Cooperating Teachers with an upcoming placement with the university need to do the following:

  • Contact your site Education Coordinator and provide your work email and contact information.
  • Watch for an email to arrive which will contain your account username/password.
  • Watch for emails from Leah Schimmer - This is the Teacher Education Data and Assessment Manager in which you will receive instructions, updates, and technical support should you need it.

Need Assistance? Contact Leah Schimmer, Teacher Education Data and Assessment Manager, Email -, Phone - 712.749.2156.