Code of Conduct Policies

Acts of Dishonesty or Falsifying University Records

Alcohol Policy

Anti-Hazing Policy

Behavior Which Jeopardizes the Emotional or Physical Safety of Self or Others

Buena Vista University Policy Against Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct


Disorderly Conduct

Disruption of any University Activity

Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policies

Failure to Comply with Request of a University Official

Fire and Safety Regulations

Firearms, Other Weapons, and Explosives

Illegal Drugs and Controlled Substances

Misappropriation or Misuse of Student Organization Funds or Property

Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

Property Damage and Vandalism


Tobacco and Smoking

Unauthorized Entry/Exit or Presence in or on University Property

Unauthorized use of the name, logo or the official seal of the University by individuals or groups

Violation of Copyright

Violation of Residence Life Policies, Rules and Regulations

Violations of any of the restrictions, conditions or terms of any sanctions resulting from  a previously held student conference or failure to complete conditions or terms within the designated time.

Violations of University Standards of Academic Integrity

Residence Life Policies

Check-In Procedures

Check-out Procedures

Damage Deposit

Eligibility Requirements for campus housing

Emotional Support Animal Policy

Entrance of Student Rooms

Guest Policy

Host Responsibilities

Missing Student Policy

Outdoor Grilling Policy

Party Reservation Policy

Personal Property Insurance

Pet Policy

Quiet/Courtesy Hour Policy

Residence Life Housing Contract

Respect for Authority

Roof Policy

Room Care

Room Changes

Room Condition Contract

Room Consolidation

Room Draw

Room Keys

Roommate Changes

Single Occupancy


Other Policies

Chalk Policy

Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)

Leave Of Absence

Meal Plan Policy

Medical Leave of Absence

Movie Policy

Parking Policy

Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

Policy on Federal Aid Restrictions for Students Convicted of a Drug Violation

Posting Policy

Return Of Title IV Funds/institutional Refund Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards For Continued Enrollment

Severe Weather Policy

Withdrawal Process