BVU Weekend Programming Grant


  1. To support and encourage new student programming for the BVU student body.
  2. To encourage weekend events throughout the academic year that engage students with the BVU campus community.
  3. To provide non-alcoholic activities that encourage students to stay connected to BVU on weekends.

Please complete and submit the Weekend Programming Form electronically. Advisors may send an email directly to Ms. Ebony King at to serve as a signature.


  1. Events or trips outside of the BVU or Storm Lake community will be funded at a limit of $500.
  2. Lecture style events with limited interactivity will be funded at a limit of $500.
  3. The suggested range for a funding request is any variable between $1 and $1,500, however exceptions to this rule may be considered.  A monetary contribution from the sponsoring organization(s) is expected as a partial match to the Weekend Programming funds. We typically do not exceed at 10% of program funds to matching funds.
  4. Activities attracting larger numbers of students will receive greater weight in committee discussion.
    1. The Weekend Programming fund may not be used for charitable donations. Only net profits from an event maybe used as donations. Funds may be used to purchase equipment and supplies necessary to complete a fundraising project. 
    1. Prizes and award costs will only be funded if it is a necessary part of the program. Funding for prizes should be no more than 50% of the total amount requested. The actual percentage allocated to prizes will be decided by The Weekend Programming Committee upon request of funds by the organization.


      1. Event must be sponsored by a student organization, a student group, or the Weekend Programming Committee.  Each group must have a faculty/staff advisor or sponsor, whom agrees to assist with the event coordination and be available for the duration of the event.     
      2. Event must be held on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday during the academic year; this includes only open breaks.  Winter break, spring break, and summer break events are not eligible for funding.
      3. Event must be alcohol-free.
      4. Event proposal must be submitted and approved before any verbal agreements or contractual arrangements for the event are made.
      5. Event must be open to all members of the university community, although some events may have limited space available.  In all cases BVU students will have priority over guests.
      6. If the event planners gain revenue to the event, the revenue must be used to offset the expense of the event.  If a profit is earned, it must be returned to the Weekend Programming budget to be used for further programs; i.e. funds for philanthropic events will be evaluated on a case by case bases.
      7. A written evaluation must be submitted to Ms. Ebony King within 2 weeks after the event. The Student Contact will receive an evaluation form to aid in this process.


        1. Event proposals must include a Weekend Programming Event Proposal Form and a Preliminary Budget Proposal to be considered.  Incomplete proposals will be returned to the Student Contact.
        2. Submit the completed proposal If you are requesting more than $500 your proposal must at least 2 weeks prior to the event date  if your event is $500 and up to Ebony King in the GSLC. If your proposal is submitted less than two weeks prior to the event we cannot guarantee funding.
        3. Proposals will be reviewed as they are received in relation to the next committee meeting and/or date needed.
        4. Programs showcasing originality, creativity, diversity, and co-sponsorship will be given a higher priority.
        5. Student organizations or groups submitting more than one proposal must prioritize submissions.
        6. Note: Additional funding will not be granted to organizations or groups that fail to complete the evaluation process or to groups that radically diverge from the approved proposal.