Keeping students socially connected with the university and with each other is an integral part of their development and enjoyment in college life. There are nearly 50 student organizations and if you would like to start a new one, the director is here to help you. This office houses programs and resources to get students involved in key areas of personal and professional growth including:

Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program is a comprehensive leadership program offering students a structure for personalizing their college experience to develop as strong leaders and engaged citizens. The program is a campus and community-wide initiative incorporating curricular and co-curricular learning built on three pillars: stewardship; global perspectives; and integrity

At its core Leadership Certificate Program is designed to help student’s select involvement opportunities that build on one another to make the most of their involvement and grow in their understanding, practice, and articulation of leadership.

Student Activities Board (SAB)

Buena Vista University's Student Activities Board's (SAB) is an organization, run by students, that brings diverse social and recreational activities to campus. SAB will provide free, fun entertainment planned to fit the diverse interests of the student body. It is hoped that these shared experiences will help students connect to each other and the BVU community. The SAB ten member executive board leads a committee of members at large in efforts to plan multiple activities for all students each month including Midnight Movie, comedians, and bands. SAB also coordinates a week long Homecoming celebration each fall.

Student Organizations

BVU boast of more than 50 active student organizations representing a wide variety of interests, service and disciplines. The majority of BVU student are involved in one or more groups. Each organization elects an executive board including presidents, vice presidents, etc. Student Organization President's Council meetings and other training activities are designed to improve performance of the individual in the role presently occupied. Interested in starting your own organization? Email for an application.

  • Student Organization Allocations Forms and Guidelines (Due April 14)