Summer Housing

Those students who are employed by BVU and/or pursuing academic endeavors during the summer are being given first priority to reside on-campus. Only BVU students are eligible to live on-campus in summer housing. Housing assignments are administrated based on submitted application date and employment status. Due to summer conferencing schedules, all students hoping to reside on-campus for a given summer must be able to move to their summer location by May 23, 2016. All residence hall and university policies remain in effect during the summer months. Applications for summer residence are made available online via the Residence Life website and are due by 5pm on Friday, May 6, 2016. Students are notified via BVUNews when applications are available.

Summer Employment Opportunities

All campus offices remain active during the summer and many offer employment opportunities for students. Students interested in working for a particular office are encouraged to contact that office directly to inquire about possible openings. Summer positions are often posted in BVUNews or through the Human Resources office.

Summer Services

The library and recreational facilities are available during the summer on a limited basis. Canoes and kayaks are available through Campus Recreation. Supplies available at the information desk during the academic year can also be checked out during the summer.

Summer Housing Application

All students wishing to live on campus during summer should fill out and submit a Summer Housing Application. They will become available towards the end of the Spring 2017 semester.