2018-2019 Housing Costs:
The cost to live in on-campus for the 2018-2019 academic year is $4,774.00 for a double room in one of the traditional residence halls (Pierce, White, Grand, or Liberty). An additional $250 per academic year ($125 per semester) is assessed to residents who live in the Suites (Briscoe, Constitution, or McCorkle Halls). If a student's roommate leaves the Suites and the resident wants to "buy out" the room, the additional charge is $950 per academic year, not including the additional $125 per semester that will be assessed for living in the Suites. The cost for a medium single room is $500 per academic year. The cost for a super single room (standard double room designated for one person only) is $850 per academic year.

Floor Meetings: 
Each Resident Assistant will be holding floor meetings between March 26 - April 6 to discuss the room draw process and to help answer any questions you may have. Ask your Resident Assistant for more details about time and location of this meeting.

Residence Life Housing Contracts:
Residence Life Housing Contracts for the 2018-2019 academic year must be filled out and signed before a room can be officially reserved. Housing contracts for suite residents will be included when residents are notified of their suite placement. Contracts for students selecting a single or double room will be available at Hall-a-Palooza on April 29, 2018 for your convenience. Individuals who send a proxy to room draw are asked to complete a Residence Life Housing Contract prior to selection when possible. Individuals living in Substance Free areas of campus are required to sign a Wellness Housing Agreement along with their Residence Life Housing Contract.

If you are unable to sign up for your room at the appointed time, you must send someone else with your signed Residence Life Contract as your proxy. Your proxy can select a space for you from the available spaces at the appointed time. Future roommates recommended to serve as a proxy.

Roommate pairs should sign up together during the earliest appropriate time slot for either individual: room selection is based on individuals with the highest to lowest point total for each class (senior, junior, sophomore, freshman).  If you do not sign up with a roommate, you will not be allowed to select an empty double-occupancy room. You will have the option to sign up for single room at the cost of a single room OR you will be placed on a list and assigned a current BVU student as a roommate for the upcoming year. Students can also select their own room if they decide to be housed with an incoming international student. As is the case every year, we anticipate all spaces will be filled, thus every student not living in a designated single will have a roommate. Self-selection of your roommate is highly encouraged.

Live On Policy:
Because Buena Vista University recognizes the important role residential life plays in a student's academic career, students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours in any semester at Buena Vista University are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the following 5 exceptions: (1) students over the age of 23 by August 1, 2018 (2) students who have served active military duty (3) students who are legally married (4) students who have already lived in residence halls eight consecutive semesters or (5) students living with parents or legal guardians in the Storm Lake area. Students who wish to live off campus for any of the above reasons are expected to notify the Office for Student Affairs and provide necessary evidence to be granted commuter status immediately.

Appeal for Commuter Status:
While students can appeal for commuter status for reasons other than those listed above, only in rare situations where extenuating circumstances can be proven, will such status be considered. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Residence Life and Housing in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students. Those students who wish to appeal for commuter status can do so by submitting a letter of request to the Director of Residence Life and the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students. This letter can be in hard copy or via email and should include any information that can prove extenuating circumstances.

Binding Contracts:
Once a student has completed and turned in a Residence Life Housing Contract, that contract is binding. Once a contract is signed, ALL above exceptions are waived and the student must go through the appeal process as outlined above to be released from the contract (with the exception of complete withdrawal from Buena Vista University).

Closed Breaks:
As outlined in the Residence Life Housing Contract, the length of the contract is the academic year with the exception for times when the University is closed for breaks. Closed breaks include only Christmas and Spring Break. The beginning and end times for these breaks are listed in the academic calendar and only students with official University obligations and have prior approval through the Break Request process will be allowed to reside on campus during closed breaks.

Students Currently Studying Abroad
Students who are currently studying abroad (or from extended distances within the United States) and returning to campus for the Fall 2018 semester can be included in the room draw process. If such a student will be included on a suite application, that student simply needs to send an email to the Director of Residence Life to confirm that she/he wishes to live with that group of students. If a person who is currently studying abroad has asked you to be her/his proxy and select a room in Liberty, Grand, Pierce, or White, you will need to complete any/all appropriate applications and attend room draw if seeking out a room in Pierce, White, Liberty, or Grand Halls.

Students Studying Abroad for the Fall 2018 Semester
Students who will be studying abroad (or from extended distances within the United States) during the Fall 2018 semester and returning to campus for either Interim 2019 or Spring semester 2019 need to stop by the Office for Student Affairs and complete a Change of Status Form. This form will allow the student to inform the University where she/he is hoping to reside upon returning to campus. While every attempt is made to place a returning student in the desired location, no empty space will be held during the fall semester for a student returning in the spring. As is the case every year, we anticipate needing every space available during the fall semester.