For students anticipating taking a Spanish class at Buena Vista University, the Spanish Placement Exam is required. 

 If the test is not taken by the time the course begins, the student will be asked to take the test before attending the next class period.  If needed, changes will be made to the students schedule with the help of Spanish professors.

 The test allows the professors to place the student in the appropriate course for many reasons:

  • Foreign language minors and majors ought to begin in the appropriate course their first fall at BVU. This placement test helps assure the proper placement.
  • Foreign language courses may be used to complete requirements in BV’s General Education program.

 The benefits of being placed in the appropriate course are tremendous:

  • Advanced students who enter the Spanish program at 102 or above (up to 301) and earn a B or higher in the initial course can receive up to 6 hours for the lower classes that they were permitted to skip.  For example: a student starting in SPAN 201 who earned a B then gains credit for 101 and 102 in addition to 201.  That is 9 hours of credit in Spanish.

 Some facts about Spanish majors and minors:

  • SPAN 101 and SPAN 102 Do NOT count toward a major or minor in Spanish.
  • SPAN 201 and SPAN 202 DO count toward a major or minor in Spanish.

You may take the Spanish Placement Test online by following these steps:

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Your password is beaver2005
  3. Begin the test.
  4. You will get your results as soon as you have completed the test.

 You may take the placement test anytime during the summer!

 If you have questions, please call 712.749.2205 or email

Peter Steinfeld
Associate Dean of Faculty