Congratulations on your acceptance to Buena Vista University.

The faculty, staff and current students are pleased that you have chosen to continue your course of study at Buena Vista University. We look forward to having you join the BVU community and become fully engaged in our curricular and co-curricular programs as you prepare for your future career.

Orientation for students transferring to BVU will be held on July 18 beginning at 10 a.m. The orientation program is designed to introduce you to the faculty, staff and students who will guide you through the transition to the University.  You will meet your academic adviser, register for fall classes and get additional information related to housing, co-curricular opportunities and preparation for the start of the semester in August.

In order to stay informed about orientation and welcome week please check this website regularly throughout the summer. Please follow this link to see the orientation schedule:

Important Forms and "To Do" Items

Health and Athletic Forms

Please click the link below to find all of the Health/Athletic forms that you will need to complete and return to Health Services by Aug. 1.

Personal Authorization Number (PAN)

PAN Request 
The University carefully protects your educational records(including, but not limited to, information regarding billing, financial aid, academic, and student services records). If anyone other than you (the student) wishes to access that information, they must have your PAN. If you wish to grant access to a parent or guardian or anyone else, you will need to share your PAN with them. Guard this number carefully. Use this PAN request to have your number emailed to your BVU e-mail address.

PAN Maintenance 
Use this link to change your number. 

BVU Payment Plan

The BVU Plan is Buena Vista University's modern service to help students and parents avoid paying a full semester's tuition in sum. BVU allows parents and students to meet their college investment from current income by providing regularly scheduled monthly payments. The cost of the service is $75 per application. Learn more about the BVU Payment plan. 

Financial Aid Information

For more information about Financial Assistance at BVU, visit our website!

Here is a helpful checklist for you to make sure you have everything completed:

  • Send any additional documents we may request (verification worksheet, tax documents, etc.).
  • Understand the financial aid award and ask questions.  Involve both the student and parents, if appropriate, in this discussion.
  • Understand what out-of-pocket cost means and calculate yours.
  • Research the options to cover the out-of-pocket cost:  payment plan, outside scholarships, summer job, college savings account, or other loan opportunities.
  • Complete all the requirements to receive your student loans.
  • Complete entry counseling for the Federal Direct Loan at  You will need your Dept. of Ed. P.I.N. (FAFSA personal identification number) to complete entry counseling for the loan.  If you have forgotten your P.I.N., go to  You must send electronic confirmation to BVU when you complete entry loan counseling via the web.
  • Complete the Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note by using your Dept. of Ed. PIN. Go to to complete the electronic MPN. 
  • If you have been awarded a Perkins Loan, complete entry counseling for it at  You must send electronic confirmation to BVU when you complete this process via the web.
  • Research availability of outside scholarship opportunities.  You can use the BVU Office of Financial Aid web page to locate some sources at
  • If the award includes a college workstudy award, attend the job fair in August.
  • After you have found employment through the job fair (only students eligible for workstudy would be involved in the fair), pick up, complete, and return a work-study contract.  The Office of Financial Assistance will create the contract for you.
  • Share your BVU Personal Authorization Number (P.A.N.) with anyone that should have access to your personal information.  If your parents call with questions, they must know your P.A.N.

Residence Hall Information

More information about residence life can be found at

Purchase Textbooks

  • Refer to your academic schedule for the course names.
  • Shop for books at the store of your choice or through the Bookstore website.

Health Insurance

Provide proof of health insurance or purchase health insurance through BVU. 
For more information go to

Vehicles on Campus

If you bring your vehicle on campus memorize your license plate number to get your parking pass once you are on campus. You may need to take information about your vehicle to our business office.

Weather and Other Emergency Alerts

Sign up for BVU Alert at

Things To Do When Return To Campus in August

  • Fill out employment forms.
    You will need 2 of the following 3 forms of ID to be permitted employment on campus: Driver's License, Social Security Card, Passport.
  • Purchase parking permit