Cultural Leadership Conference

Every year, Buena Vista University's Office of Multicultural Engagement sponsors the Cultural Leadership Conference. The CLC is an annual conference that brings high school students from all over the country to Storm Lake  to expose them to college life and give them insight to diversity, spirituality, leadership, and many more topics.

The conference uplifts these students' consciousness by creating an environment comparable to the intellectual curiosity on display at BVU and throughout higher education. The conference challenges students to redefine the moral, social, and political responsibility of diversity. Issues relating to ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, class, physical and mental abilities are the focal points of the conference.

The first CLC took place in the spring of 2001. Each year it has grown and continues to get larger; bringing students throughout Iowa, as well as Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis and beyond.

Each year the conference involves many people and is planned by BVU students. High school students attending the conference stay with these students during their stay. This gives these conference participants a unique look at Buena Vista and the college experience in general.

There are several benefits to attending the conference. While networking, they also can gain a better understanding of issues affecting the world, as well as the knowledge about how to challenge and affect change when it comes to these issues.