Setting up Exchange E-mail on a Blackberry

  1. Find “Setup” in your app menu.
  2. Next click “Setup Wizard”
  3. Click “Email Setup”
  4. In the set up wizard select “I want to create or add an email address” option. And select “Next”
  5. Your device will now connect to the internet to check available options for your device.
  6. When given options about the connection you are going to use select “Other”
  7. When it asks for your e-mail address you will need to put in like the following It is very important that ‘’ is added instead of ‘’.
  8. Click “Next” and if all information is set up correctly you should start receiving items within the next 10-20 minutes after set up.

Note: This is a basic setup that will work on most current Blackberry devices. It is not guaranteed to work on every device because of the differences in setup from device to device and network to network.

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