Wellness Wheel

As a student organization, Team Wellness is the voice to the campus community ensuring that BVU students are provided with an optimum wellness experience. Team Wellness members volunteer their time and talents and each member has the opportunity to serve as peer educator, advocate, and mentor as well as a defining leadership role. The focus of Team Wellness is to provide wellness promotion to the campus community collaborating with the entire BVU community as well as the community of Storm Lake and Buena Vista County. Team Wellness will plan a yearly themed calendar of wellness observances and be an active participant as well as a resource for involving the entire BVU community in raising awareness of those observances.

All members of the BVU community are invited to support Team Wellness and enhance Wellness promotion on campus.

  • Academics
  • ACES
  • Athletics
  • Campus dining and coffee shop
  • Campus security
  • Career services
  • Community services
  • Counseling
  • Dining services
  • Faculty
  • Health services
  • Intercultural programs
  • Intramurals
  • Offices on campus
  • Recreation and outdoor adventure
  • Residence life & housing
  • Spiritual life
  • Staff
  • Student activities and leadership
  • Student groups and organizations
  • Student Senate

Team Wellness will utilize Health & Wellness promotion activities, awareness campaigns, Student Health 101, and ACES to promote wellness utilizing the Six Dimensions of Wellness.

Wellness Themes Poster 2014-2015
Download (PDF)

Team Wellness Student Members
Egypt Clayton, President (Senior)
Blake Laursen, VP of Finance (Junior)
Janice Timmerman, VP of Communication (Sophomore)
Katie Turnquist, VP of Advertising (Sophomore)
Danielle Coyne (Junior)
Sydnee Donnelli (Junior)
Callie Hoffman (Junior)
Mayra Lopez (Junior)
Alec Sindelar (Junior)
Molly Williams (Sophomore)

Professional Staff Members
Tami Laursen, Director of Health Services & Wellness
Mandy Boothby, Director of Counseling Services