Campus Map


A,C: Faculty/Staff Parking Only
B, D, E, F, H: General/ Student Parking
I, K, L: Faculty/Staff/Commuter Student/ Visitor Parking Only
J, N. Restricted Parking - University Vehicles Only
M. Faculty/Staff Parking Only (receiving dock)

Buildings & Landmarks

1. Ballou Building
2. East Entrance to the Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum
Additional entrances located north, west and south of the Siebens Forum
3. Schaller Memorial Chapel
4. Dixon-Eilers Hall
5. Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum
6. Information Technology Center/Library
7. Victory Arch
8. Edson Hall
9. Pierce Hall
10. White Hall
11. Swope Hall
12. Grand Hall
13. Liberty Hall
14. Constitution Hall
15. Briscoe Honor Hall
16. McCorkle Hall
17. Smith Hall
18. Social Sciences & Art Hall
19. Estelle Siebens Science Center
20. Lage Communication Center
21. Lamberti Recreation Center
22. Siebens Fieldhouse
23. Finkbine Natorium
24. Buntrock Tennis Court
25. J. Leslie Rollins Stadium
26. Peterson Field
27. Victory Bell
28. University Marketing & Communications
29. Green Space
30. Green Space
31. Center for Sculpture and Ceramics