Buena Vista University to Hold Family Weekend April 27-28

Buena Vista University to Hold Family Weekend April 27-28

Buena Vista University will hold its annual Family Weekend Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28.

The Student Activities Board (SAB) plans and organizes the event. Bonnie Keller, vice president of traditions for SAB says, "This is my first year at BVU and there is so much excitement about family weekend that I am privileged to be able to plan it. The weekend will be filled with fun activities for all ages and will be a time for students and their families to have fun on campus." Bonnie is a freshman biology and psychology double major from Sioux City.

This year's activities range from glow lazer tag, to a carnival, to the university's "Beaver Idol" competition and a "We Have a Dream" breakfast on Sunday. A full list of events and activities can be found at http://www.bvu.edu/bv/family-weekend/schedule.dot. Family Weekend is for BVU students, faculty and staff members, and their families.

The event coincides with BVU's Student Recognition Dinner on April 27, an invitation-only event for students, their parents and the campus community to celebrate students' academic and leadership accomplishments.

"After leaving home in pursuit of higher education, at times all students want is a little taste of the home they left. BVU's ongoing tradition of hosting a Family Weekend at the end of April has provided students with a great way to connect their home life to their new life at school," says Becka Neary-DeLaPorte, director of student activities.